Good connections form our foundations

We at Guss Transfer are a manufacturer in state-of-the-art casting and forging. We can offer you a comprehensive range of services from traditional manufacture using state-of-the-art production techniques through to advisory services in technological know-how.

A core objective of Guss Transfer is to keep a broad selection of weldable castings for use in transport load containers, but also to develop and design new products for these applications.

We give enterprises new impetus and innovative ideas and consider ourselves to be a partner to those companies in developing problem-solving products. Our experience over many years in manufacturing processes based on casting and forging have qualified us both in terms of comprehensive advisory services covering all manner of technical issues but also regarding the creation of components of the most diverse designs (refer also to Development & support).

A further important field of activity for Guss Transfer is supplying gas utility companies with WOESTE weld fittings for gas installations (for the German market).

Our work can only be as effective as the commitment we apply to it. Which is why we apply our full dedication to upholding and improving quality and optimising our services – and approach other people, business partners and employees with the same enthusiasm. We appreciate good human relations as the basis of effective work.